Thursday, March 3, 2011

Making fabric charms and trinkets

I've been working on a new idea this week. I want something unique to decorate my fairy skirts with, so I've been experimenting with creating embroidered fabric charms.

I cut a shape out of a piece of felt, sandwiched this between two layers of lighter fabric (in this case cotton on one side and taffeta on the other), and then satin stitched around the edge. Since I'm doing a brown-hued, autumn-themed skirt next, I began with a leaf shape in shades of brown.

Here's the taffeta side. I chose some warmer, brighter colours for the embroidery:

The experiment's been successful enough to be worth repeating. I'm planning to attach this one of the ribbon-ends of the drawstring on the upcoming skirt, with a cluster of gold bells. Another idea is to make star shapes with some of those beautiful little twinkling hotfix gems. Possibilties galore!

I also made a new treasury on Etsy today, my third. It's not fantasy themed or fairytale themed, but feline themed (it begins with 'f', so it counts, right?).

'Cats Behaving Badly...' by ChaelenDesigns

...and sleeping it off afterwards.Feline fun: because I miss my cats.

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  1. Hi,
    It is good to visit you here and I see you are quite new to blogging...Welcome!
    I really like your leaf design for your fairy skirts. The gold stitching is a beautiful idea.

    Thank you for following me on Twitter. I am now following you too on Twitter and here!:-)

    Best fairy wishes.
    Jo May. (AKA. Fairyhare)

  2. Hi Joanne,

    Thanks for the kind comments! It makes all the difference to blogging. I'm glad the stitching is coming across well. I've just finished a new design utilising them as trimmings, which will be posted soon.

    It's nice to know Twitter does help to link people up! Your blog and shop look wonderful and I'll be following your blog soon.