Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Fabric Markets of Amsterdam

Albert Cuyp [© B. Liefting]

I spent a bit of time in Holland lately, and of course I made a point of going to Albert Cuyp street. There is an enormous day market there, selling just about everything imaginable. The most interesting parts, to me, were the fabric shops (of course!) - many of them, and most of them are enormous and extremely well-stocked.

I bought some new lengths of taffeta in extremely pretty colours, along with some cottons. Luckily they survived the experience of being determinedly squashed into my luggage to come home to England with me. I acquired crinkled taffeta in teal, dark silver and coppery-brown, plus some dark red and mid-purple cotton. Added to my existing fabric stocks, I find I have enough to make some fairy skirts in wholly new colour combinations. So that's my project for this week!

I've also resolved on searching out some beads, trinkets, bells, new ribbons and charms to decorate them with. Especially bells. What could be better than a fairy skirt with its own accompaniment of tinkling fairy music?

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