Friday, January 28, 2011

About that bodice...

I've had a new design in progress for the last few weeks. At last, one has been created to meet my exacting standards of perfection and added to the shop.

I chose black velvet for this one, with silver eyelets and either black or dark red ribbons. Alas, I have no more of that type of fabric and I can't buy it at the moment; whether this bodice turns out to be a one-off remains to be seen.

Its layered structure was tricky and rather time-consuming to create properly. Under that velvet lies thick cotton drill for strength, stitched with many lengths of rigilene boning. Behind that is a black cotton lining. The eyelets must be placed with care to avoid damaging the front panels. Everything is neatened and secured to an almost obsessive degree... as usual. And top-stitched. Long-winded for such an apparently small, simple item, wouldn't you say?

Anyways, I intend to make more of these in the near future. First, though, I'm going back to properly developing my waist cincher pattern, and creating one to be listed. The prototype for this design can be seen in the shop, worn with the blue/purple taffeta fairy skirt. Next week I'll be making one from a piece of gorgeous blue/purple/gold butterfly-printed cotton that I have. Let's hope it all goes well; if so it will make my 8th shop listing. Huzzah!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Dear friends,

Much as I love Wordpress, it appears that blogspot is the better option for this kind of blog. Henceforth, then, 'Capery Drapery' of Wordpress shall be no more; we shall party over here instead!